Hail, Caeser!: review.

‘Actions have meaning when they are in service to the picture.’

Eddie Mannix (Brolin) is a ‘Fixer’ for Capitol Pictures. He meanders intertwining storylines in the style of many a Cohen Bros’ protagonist in order to deal with various stars and their needs, simultaneously trying to live his own life. ‘Hail, Caeser!’ muses upon: Religion, Faith, Capitalism and Com Continue reading “Hail, Caeser!: review.”

Midnight Henry, Hardcore Special.

A double bill featuring two films from either end of the tonal spectrum. The first, an extremely violent, nonstop barrage of action and spectacle whereas the other is subtle, emotional and reserved, its action scenes are carefully placed and sparse.

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Wonder Woman: Earth One, Volume One review.

Starting with Superman: Earth One, which is now on its third volume, DC have established a modern, alternate universe in which the origins of its flagship characters are being retold. Continuity in comics is a difficult beast to Continue reading “Wonder Woman: Earth One, Volume One review.”