10 Reasons Alien: Covenant Was Better Than The Original

10 reasons Alien: Covenant was better than Alien.

Did you recently see Alien: Covenant, the sequel to 2012 sci-fi hit Prometheus? Was it a laughable disappointment? Do you think everyone involved should hang their heads in shame? Boy, are you wrong!!! Alien: Covenant ‘brought terror back to the franchise’ and ‘was the sequel the fans deserve’. Scroll down for a run down of all the reasons Covenant was in fact better than the original.


10. Super Cool Robot Kung Fu Fight

It’s common knowledge that old movies are downright boring and in Scott’s original Alien movie nothing much happens. So thank Alien: Covenant writers Jack Paglen and Michael Green, carefully selected for their works penning Transcendence (2014) and The Green Lantern (2011), for sprucing up the Alien franchise and giving it a much needed android on android karate showdown.


9. James Franco!!!

John Hurt’s unmistakeable trademark melancholy and gravitas bump that first unforgettable death scene in Alien up from violently affecting to traumatisingly iconic. First to go in Covenant is James Franco. It is safe to say that his trademark smirk is equally memorable. As Daniels’ (Katherine Waterston) partner and emotional anchor throughout the film James Franco was definitely the right choice for the role. Being reminded of this face during the majority of the film’s main emotional scenes was in no way an issue.


8. Alien Explained

In 1979 Alien was released and audiences left theatres scratching their heads: they wondered where did the monster come from?; who created it?; why did they create it?; why did the film spend so much time establishing likeable characters who’s deaths would mean something to an audience when that time could have been better spent explaining away any mystery that surrounded the eponymous antagonist. Alien: Covenant subverts the often misemployed horror trope that is character development and strives to answer the questions we all demanded answers to (questions like what was the black goo in Prometheus). Just think how much better movies like Jaws, The Thing and Tremors would be if we got films explaining the monsters origins and motivations. Think of Rob Zombie’s attempt at serving up a Michael Myers backstory – does this technique ever fail?!


7. The Alien Gets To Work Right Away

The most memorable scene in Alien is the infamous chest-burster scene. Although, the creature birthed from John Hurt’s thorax is now lovingly seen as somewhat comical. It quickly scurries off in order to grow into a more terrifying form in the dark depths of the Nostromo. In Covenant’s several chest/back-burster scenes, our little baby Aliens get right to killing in all of their ridiculous CGI glory: small non-threatening and killable, just the way an Alien should be.


6. New Aliens

Giger’s original lurking Xenomorph has in no way suffered from diminishing returns. In fact, with every time you see a newer, shinier, more exposed version of the beast it just gets scarier and scarier. Whereas the original Alien film’s production design worked to camouflage the creature, Covenant cuts out any tension building nonsense and sticks it right in the middle of a field, in the middle of the day.

5. Better, More Modern Crew

The Nostromo’s crew seemed like a real workplace, space-truckers forced to care about each other due to circumstance. The improvised nature on set really makes them come across like real people. Covenant’s, for all but two characters, doesn’t make the mistake of making you care about it’s crew, this way you can focus more on the cool CGI aliens. The most enjoyable characters in Alien: Covenant being Ellen Ripley and Kenny Powers. The crew was surely focus grouped, down to the Hollywood gay couple who’s relationship never manifests in more than a fist-bump meaning neither the liberal nor the conservative are offended. Because, as everyone knows, that’s what horror is all about: not upsetting anybody.


4. Bigger Budget.

When it comes to successful horror movies, money spent is directly linked to success. Creativity through adversity in lower budget movies can’t compare to cold hard cash. Alien: Covenant cost an estimated $100million extra dollars than its original. For the low low price of $111million dollars we get reams of CGI aliens, a new CGI ship, and a scene of planetary genocide. Cool, right? Whoever said less is more will remain a mystery although we can be sure it wasn’t Ridley Scott.


3. A Real Villain

By turning Prometheus’ David into Doctor Frankenstein, the Alien franchise finally has a real villain. The titular monster is now far more threatening as someones pet. The original title, ‘Alien’, referred to two things: the monster and the mystery surrounding it. In Covenant, Scott has managed to deflate both aspects of the franchise. The monster is now an evil robot’s subservient weapon-pet and the mystery surrounding it, via David, has all been explained away. The original secondary, background threat of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation has been relegated to tertiary/irrelevant as the Xenomorph drops down to secondary villain/ henchman, all underneath David.


2. Best of both worlds.

A misleading trailer implied that Covenant was a return to first-film-formula. Fortunately this was only a deceptive marketing campaign to get those put off by Prometheus back in cinemas. In fact, Covenant is very much a Prometheus follow up with some aliens in it. Covenant is the superior film though because Prometheus hardly even shoehorned in any aliens, it didn’t even bother putting Alien in the title. So, although some people might commend its risky departure into the unknown and its separation from the overtly basic nature of the franchise, Covenant reigns supreme for doing the same thing… with aliens.


1. Think Of The Possibilities.

As David flies out with a ship full of hosts and a tray full of embryos, assuming he is to carry on his experiments, think of all the different kinds of aliens we might get in future instalments. We’ve had chest-bursters and now back-bursters but what about arse-bursters, face-bursters and elbow-bursters??? Think of the planets David could land on and the CGI shenanigans him and his aliens could get up to. What a time to be alive.

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