Neil Blomkamp’s Newest Sci-Fi Venture: Oats Studios

When Ridley Scott decided to take back the reins of his Alien franchise and helm Alien: Covenant, the news was met with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Although some were delighted to have the director of the original Continue reading “Neil Blomkamp’s Newest Sci-Fi Venture: Oats Studios”

Exploring Wonder Woman’s Success.

Wonder Woman’s a hit, it’s official. A superhero movie’s second weekend box office performance is arguably the real measure of it’s success; on opening night, the feverish fanatics will be queuing up regardless. For example, DC’s tentpole outing, Batman v Superman, had the biggest second weekend box office drop-off of a modern superhero flick, mainly due to it being an incoherent, miserable mess; the die-har Continue reading “Exploring Wonder Woman’s Success.”