10 Reasons Alien: Covenant Was Better Than The Original

10 reasons Alien: Covenant was better than Alien.

Did you recently see Alien: Covenant, the sequel to 2012 sci-fi hit Prometheus? Was it a laughable disappointment? Do you think everyone involved should hang their heads in shame? Boy, are you wrong!!! Alien: Covenant ‘brought terror back to the franchise’ and ‘was the sequel the fans deserve’. Scroll down for a run down of all the reasons Covenant was in fact better than the original.

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Alien: Covenant. Nothing new?

The latest trailer for Alien: Covenant has been released and seems to epitomise the ‘soft reboot’. A soft reboot is technically a sequel to an existing franchise, usually a successful one, that functions as a reboot without departing completely from the original timeline. It re-introduces a franchise to a new younger audience and establishes new main characters and story. At the same time it re-treads iconic moments for older fans. A soft reboot is the cinematic equivalent of having your cake and eating it by drawing from the original as much or as little as it likes. The most successful soft reboots have perhaps been Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World.

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