Exploring Wonder Woman’s Success.

Wonder Woman’s a hit, it’s official. A superhero movie’s second weekend box office performance is arguably the real measure of it’s success; on opening night, the feverish fanatics will be queuing up regardless. For example, DC’s tentpole outing, Batman v Superman, had the biggest second weekend box office drop-off of a modern superhero flick, mainly due to it being an incoherent, miserable mess; the die-har Continue reading “Exploring Wonder Woman’s Success.”

Split Review: Shyamalan sets a high bar for the worst film of 2017.

January is a funny time of year for film in the U.K. By now the U.S.A have already seen the annual run of oscar-bait. On our little island, Continue reading “Split Review: Shyamalan sets a high bar for the worst film of 2017.”

Doctor Strange review.

Doctor Strange adds a new weapon to an arsenal which Marvel haven’t stopped expanding since 2008. Unbelievably their fourteenth film provides new and exciting characters and visuals, as well as bringing an entire new dimension (literally loads of dimensions are in this film) to the table; magic.

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Bridget Jones’Baby and the state of female-centric comedy.

Bridget Jones’ Diary, from what I remember, was okay and the sequel was, from what I remember, forgettable. The threequel though was something altogether worse; devoid of heart and smeared with forced sentimentality . Althou Continue reading “Bridget Jones’Baby and the state of female-centric comedy.”

Hail, Caeser!: review.

‘Actions have meaning when they are in service to the picture.’

Eddie Mannix (Brolin) is a ‘Fixer’ for Capitol Pictures. He meanders intertwining storylines in the style of many a Cohen Bros’ protagonist in order to deal with various stars and their needs, simultaneously trying to live his own life. ‘Hail, Caeser!’ muses upon: Religion, Faith, Capitalism and Com Continue reading “Hail, Caeser!: review.”

Midnight Henry, Hardcore Special.

A double bill featuring two films from either end of the tonal spectrum. The first, an extremely violent, nonstop barrage of action and spectacle whereas the other is subtle, emotional and reserved, its action scenes are carefully placed and sparse.

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Batman v Superman v The Dark Knight Returns

Zack Snyder has cited Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns as his main source of inspiration for the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Up until its release, as a big fan of Snyder’s Watchmen adaptation, I was excited. Since its opening midnight showing, I have been trying to get my head around Batman v Superman. I have studied the film and the source and after multiple viewings and re-reads of the book, I am still baffled by most aspects of the film and by Snyder’s comments. Continue reading “Batman v Superman v The Dark Knight Returns”

On Goosebumps


There is something extra pleasant about enjoying a film that you thoroughly did not expect to enjoy. In the midst of all the nostalgia-fuelled reboots, remakes and reimagining’s we are bombarded with at the cinema, Goosebumps stands out. It isn’t patronising or insulting like most kids films. There were laughs, genuinely creepy moments and enough nods to the parents in the audience to keep them entertained too. Not much more can be asked for from a kids film. Continue reading “On Goosebumps”