Doctor Strange review.

Doctor Strange adds a new weapon to an arsenal which Marvel haven’t stopped expanding since 2008. Unbelievably their fourteenth film provides new and exciting characters and visuals, as well as bringing an entire new dimension (literally loads of dimensions are in this film) to the table; magic.

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On Deadpool

Marvel’s second attempt at the ‘merc with a mouth’ is an ultimately enjoyable one-hundred and forty-eight minutes. Deadpool, unlike an Avengers or an X-Men (more on those guys later) movie, doesn’t have huge box office draw or mass appeal due to being a relatively unknown character outside of the comic book community. Largely brought about by a Ryan Reynolds led fan campaign, the fact that this film exists is a testament to the current grasp that the superhero genre has on Hollywood. 20th Century Fox giving Deadpool his own film, as opposed to plucking him out of the Marvel archives for a final boss fight in a Wolverine movie, could literally only happen at this time of superhero saturation.

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